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Some exceptional musicians ...

Deborah Saidel
Need a very good flautist for your event in or near Virginia?
Or a jazz or chamber ensemble that includes one?

Alexander Paley Festival
13th Annual Festival, Richmond, Virginia, September 2010
The 14th festival is expected to be some time in October 2011

Alessandra Celletti
Italian pianist and composer
Profound interpretations of Erik Satie and the Gurdjieff / De Hartmann music.
And then, there are her own exquisite compositions in Golden Fly.  I'm in love.   New site was under construction when I last checked   Old site was still available
Artist's page at
Buy many of her albums at CD Baby

Heinz Chur
German composer of some marvelous Piano Sonatas
Artist's page at

Nellie McKay
A wow intelligence. Starts out breezy, but she knows it.
You must hear the final song "Zombie", but I recommend the whole interview.
Interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air
Direct link to the NPR media player

Musica Mundi
Latin / World Jazz ensemble
with violinist Sonia Lee, and composer-guitarist Terry Herald
Artists' page at Jumbie Records
Artists' page at
Buy their album at CD Baby

Hot Soup
Funny, encouraging, lovely folk music from three women singers
"Harmonies tight as the pyramid stones." -- George Francis Maida, WCVE

Non-Musical Links ...

"Some of the links go deeper, some spiral out.
Maybe you will find inspiration for your art."

My sister is a visual artist. Check out her web site.

More visual arts. This web site has all of Vincent Van Gogh's work.

Resources ...

Fundamentals of Piano Practice by Chuan C. Chang
A free online book that explains everything you need to known about how to
practice the piano effectively. At 266 pages, this almost encyclopedic
work illuminates and compares many practice and performance techniques
developed over the past 150 years. The book is effused with the scientific
method rather than dogma, and I think it would be a useful addition to the
study or reference material of anyone who plays or teaches the piano.
Official site - "only site that is always up-to-date"
Alternate - "may work better (downloading, navigation, printing) for some readers"

Audio and MIDI Production Software - REAPER
   This software is inexpensive, comprehensive, a pleasure to use, and
of the highest quality. Current prices are $225 for commercial use, $50
for non-commercial use, and free to try for 30 days, with nothing disabled,
ever. They trust you to do the right thing and pay them if you decide to use
it. Amazing. And they are actively developing it, so it gets better and better.
   The name stands for "Rapid Environment for Audio Production,
Engineering and Recording". The logo and icon is a stylized sickle in a
shield; earlier versions used a Grim Reaper figure. If you are superstitious,
then maybe you don't want to use this software. Otherwise, this is the
software you should try if your current audio or MIDI software frustrates
you or slows you down.
   Available for Windows, Windows x64, and Mac OS-X.

Create 4-panel folders and tray inserts for your own CD-Rs
This template makes it easy to produce tray inserts accurately and quickly
with just a home-office paper cutter and a pair of scissors. Instructions and
fold/cut guidelines are included. Template design by Bruce Frostick.
CD Folder and Tray Insert Template for Microsoft Word