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Accordionated Perceptions

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Accordion Music

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Accordion music, improvised or composed.

I started working with this amazing instrument in 2010; this page was started in April 2012. The accordion is basically an organ, but with instantaneous dynamics controlled by the musician as he/she dances with it.

Stay tuned for more accordion compositions. The scores will be available as well, to other accordion players.

This web site also presents a self-contained album of accordion music, and I suggest you go to that page to hear it: Accordionated Perceptions.

This accordion is an IORIO Symphonic Grand with H+M+L treble reeds and five sets of bass reeds. Originally, it contained an electronic interface, and it had an extra register stop on both sides, to turn off the accoustic sounds from that side. By modifying the now useless 4th bass stop, and also the 3rd, I was able to modify the bass machine to produce four new reed combinations in addition to the original three. The reed combination selected by the 3rd or 4th stop now depends on which other stop was pressed immediately before it, so sometimes it is necessary to press two stops in sequence to get the desired bass sound,.