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The Dance of Love and Time

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We fear time, thinking that it limits us and steals all that we love.
We also fear love, believing it will take what we need for ourselves.
But the long dance of love and time is the inner story of all our lives.
What are we if not love wrapped in time and cast into space?

This album is dedicated to my sister-in-law Dorothy Blythe Lloyd Frostick, who died unexpectedly, and far too young, on January 16, 2005.

When on Waves arrived about two weeks before this, and I include it as an overture, or opening prayer, because it seems like an introduction to a wider state of mind. The rest of the album appeared at one sitting, the day after Dorothy died. This was my way of saying goodbye to her, and wishing her well on her journey beyond our vision. I sat down for an hour and played for her, and this is exactly what came out, with nothing added or removed.

Of course, I cleaned it up some, divided it into songs, named them, and later rendered the MIDI recording again using better piano sounds than I originally had available. The piano sound in this version of the album is by a wonderful VSTi program named Synthogy Ivory.   [web site]

New version – January, 2009

Subjected to a more detailed cleanup to improve the musical clarity and beauty, especially in the "Love Ascending" tracks, which I think really deserved the extra attention. Rendered again and MP3-encoded at 192 rather than 128 kbps. There might be one more version to adjust the reverb a bit.

A physical CD should be available soon. Meanwhile I suggest that you not buy the old MP3 version linked to below, until I get a chance to update it. Please contact me by email if you really want a copy now.

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