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Twelve by Simon Diamond

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Piano Music by Simon Diamond (1949–2010)

"... gosh, there's actually only twelve notes."

In a sparkly moment of noticing the obvious, Simon Diamond was struck by the infinite sonic complexity inherent in just the twelve tones on the piano, and the album title "Twelve" came to be.

Each song has a definite structure, used as a starting point, but it is different each time it is played, varying in timing and nuance; oftentimes improvisational passages occur spontaneously.

"My intention with Twelve was to create music that is pretty, and soothing. Please feel free to download Twelve and share it with friends."

Copyright © 2006 Simon Diamond.

Total Time: 45:58

Technical notes for musicians:

Twelve was recorded in Simon Diamond's living room on a Baldwin upright Acrosonic, with an SM57 and an SM58 through a Digi-001, into a Mac G4 with 768 meg running Protools LE ver. 5.1 on Mac OS 9.2.

Mastered by Steve Barber.
MP3 encoding by Bruce Frostick.